Unibet Poker Android Review

Welcome to our Unibet Poker Android review. Unibet are a large European online gaming site that offer Poker, Casino, Sports Betting, Bingo, and other games. They’re one of the better online poker operators around today, and their Unibet Open live poker tournament series has proven very popular with players. They’ve also recently released a ‘fast poker’ product, to rival Zoom Poker at PokerStars, where as soon as you’ve folded your hand at one table, you’re whisked off to another one to start a new hand. This hasn’t been incorporated into their Android app yet, but apparently it will be soon.

Another thing you should know about playing on Unibet is that if you want to register an account, you have to do it from your PC, you can’t make a new account through the mobile client yet.

Unibet Poker Android App

Unibet’s Android offering is an app in the true sense of the word. Many other operators have gone for browser based Android poker, but Unibet have a downloadable app that’s executed from your phone’s operating system. This leads to better graphics with smoother gameplay and less reliability problems.  The graphics are very nice and the green table and relatively large cards provide a high contrast interface that’s easy to play on. The use of avatars at the tables is a little bit un-necessary and clogs things up slightly, but not so much as to make it annoying.

Table selection is done automatically. You input the stakes you want to play and press ‘Join Table’ and the software will automatically take you to a free seat at those stakes. The betting interface is very good. The action buttons are large and the scroll wheel and fixed bet sizing buttons are probably the best of any app around at the moment.

As with any good poker app, you can play over a 3G connection or over WiFi, but Unibet recommends WiFi where possible, to ensure you don’t drop out of coverage. If you do get disconnected, your hand is folded and you have five minutes to reconnect before you’re removed from the table.

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Unibet Android App Screenshot

Unibet Android Game Selection

At the moment, only cash games are available on the Android app, up to stakes of €1/€2. There are plans to add single table tournaments and multi table tournaments in the near future. As well as that, you can only play one table at a time, but if you’re playing a shorthanded or heads up game, the action should be quick enough to keep you interested.

Bonuses and Promotions

New players at Unibet are eligible for a €500 first deposit bonus. If you play lower stakes or are going to play exclusively on your Android device, then you’re probably better off selecting the €100 bonus, which will give you €10 for every 400 VIP points you earn. For every euro you pay in rake, you’ll get 10 VIP points, so you’ll see that you need to pay about €40 to release €10 of your bonus.

What’s more, when you’re a Unibet player you can get up to 30% rake back, or use your VIP points to buy in to live tournaments. If that’s not your thing, you can use your points in the Unibet shop to buy electronics and other cool stuff.


Unibet’s Android app is very good, probably the third best behind bwin and 888 poker. It’s also well worth having a Unibet account to take advantage of things like their Fast Poker which is great fun to play, and the chance to qualify for the Unibet Open series of tournaments that take place in cities like Paris, London, and even St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

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