Real Money Android Poker for US Players is HERE!

There has recently been some great news for US Players who want to play on Android.

Ignition Poker have just announced that after a successful beta test, real money Android poker is now LIVE! 

This is great news for US players who have been waiting for real money mobile poker and what’s more Bovada is probably the best and safest place for US players to play poker, with high credit card acceptance rates, a signup bonus of up to $1,000, and a customer service team that actually listens to its players.

Play Poker on Android at Ignition

If you want to set up an account at Ignition Poker you can do so by clicking the button above below. The only downside is that you can’t register from the app so to get playing you’ll have to click the blue button above to register, then after you’ve registered, navigate to Ignition Poker on your Android and you’re all set!

us android poker

At the moment, things are bad if you want to play poker on your Android on other sites if you’re in the US. The fact is that the legal situation surrounding poker is less than clear and only a few small sites accept US players and they may pull out on any given day. For that reason sites like Lock Poker haven’t haven’t gone about spending the money on developing an Android app and who knows if they will in the near future, meaning real money Android Poker for US Players at these sites might be a long way off. I’ve noticed other sites advertising the fact that BetOnline offers the possibility to play on Android, but I’ll save you some time…this isn’t true, and I’m not sure why other sites are lying about this.


Of course, if online poker is legalized or the situation is made clearer then it won’t be long until lots of rooms are falling over themselves to get you playing on your phone or tablet with them. Until then if you simply have to go for a spin up when you’re out and about, real money gambling for Android players is restricted to one site and one site only: Slotland. They offer a ton of slots games and accept real money players from the USA.

Aside from that, you’ll either have to settle for play money apps or wait it out for the legal situation to right itself. Plenty of poker companies who offer Android clients are beginning to sign agreements with the major casino operators in the US in preparation for legislation being passed. For example, Caesar’s Entertainment and 888poker have struck a deal that will see Caesar’s use the 888 software if and when they bring online poker to the US, so there’s a good chance that when poker does get up and running the US, we’ll have Android poker very soon after.

Check back on this page regularly and we’ll update it if any avenues develop for players in the United States.