Android Poker FAQ

In the Android poker FAQ section, we hope to answer any questions you might have about playing on Android based mobile devices.

Can I play poker for real money on Android?

Yes. There are a growing number of well known real money poker sites on Android and new sites are coming online all the time. The best place to play for real money on Android is currently >888 poker.

Which Android poker site has the most fish?

As of mid-2012, 888poker is the place to go for the softest games for Android players. While other sites like Terminal Poker and Switch Poker have very soft games, they don’t have the same level of traffic that 888 has, where you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of games 24 hours a day.

What are the best in-browser Android sites?

At the moment, the best sites to play within your browser are Terminal Poker and Switch Poker. We expect at influx of in-browser Android poker rooms soon however.

What are the best Android poker apps?

Currently the two best apps are from betsson and 888 poker. Both apps are quite similar, and of very high quality. PokerStars Android app has a lot of functionality but the games are very tough there, and multi-tabling is quite difficult.

Do PokerStars or Party Poker have an Android poker app?

PokerStars has a mobile poker app that they’re releasing to one country at a time which works on iPhone, iPad and Android. We’re still waiting for news of a Party Poker Android app. Currently it’s not possible to play on Party Poker on a mobile phone.

Do I have to pay for Android poker apps?

Some of the play money Android poker apps in the Marketplace will cost you a small amount, but any of the apps from the major poker rooms will be free.

Can I play poker on 3G or 2G connections?

Yes, you can play poker over your phone’s data connection whether you have 3G or Edge (2G) coverage. Online poker data packets are quite small so your connection speed should rarely be an issue unless you’re in an area with a very poor signal. You can also, of course, play over a WLAN connection.

What happens if I get disconnected or get a phone call?

If you get disconnected or receive a call, the site will wait for you until your timebank has expired and then your hand will be folded and you will be sat out from the game. bwin has one-click reseating which allows you to jump straight back in as soon as your phone call ends.

How much data do poker apps use?

Online poker doesn’t use very much data at all. Typcially a single online table uses up 100kB of data per hour which won’t make much a dent in even the smallest mobile data plan.

How do I deposit and withdraw from the sites?

On some poker apps like betsson, you can deposit and withdraw from within the app, whereas for browser based apps you’ll generally be taken to a different part of the website to deposit and withdraw. You can use all of the usual methods like credit card, PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers, UKash etc.

Can I play multiple tables at once?

Currently Switch Poker is the best option for multi-tabling, but other sites are looking at working it into their apps. PokerStars offers multi-tabling but you can only have one table on your screen at once and the way tables jump onto the screen makes misclicks quite likely.

Is there any speed poker like Rush Poker or Zoom Poker for Android?

Terminal Poker operates a speed poker game where players are in a pool rather than confined to just one table. As soon as you fold you’re moved to a new table and a new hand starts straight away, just as is the case with Rush Poker and Zoom Poker. As of May 15th 2012, PokerStars also offer Zoom Poker as part of their Android app.

Can I play tournaments on Android?

At the moment Terminal poker offer MTTs, 888poker offer sit n go tournies (but MTTs are coming soon), and PokerStars offer both.