Quick Comparison of Android Poker Apps

So you don’t want to spend an age figuring out which is the best app for you to play poker on your Android? Well then you’ve come to the right page. Our quick comparison will give you all the info you need to make a quick decisions by comparing the Android poker apps on the market according to all of the three important criteria for poker players: softness, selection and, software. The sites we’re going to be comparing are 888poker, bwin poker, PokerStars, Unibet, Terminal Poker and Switch Poker.

Game Softness

This should be your number one concern when picking a poker site. You’re playing to win right? In order to win, you want to be playing against terrible players and in order to play against terrible players you want to play at a site that directs its marketing at gamblers. With that in mind 888poker is the place to be. 888 has by far the softest games online at the moment across all stakes. It’s pretty much the only site where you’ll find plenty of fish at higher levels like $1/$2 and above. The ever popular PokerStars on the other hand is a disaster nowadays. It’s filled with regulars and even the micro stakes games there are hard to beat.

Softest Poker Games on Android:

1. 888poker

2. Red Kings Poker

3. Terminal Poker

4. Unibet Poker

5. Switch Poker

6. PokerStars

Game Selection

The first Android apps that came out offered cash no limit holdem play only. As testing has been successful they’re beginning to add sit n go support and Omaha, as well as MTTs. PokerStars held back on their Android app until they had all of these ready and they offer a wide selection of games. The only problem is their MTTs tend to have huge fields and you can end up playing for 6 hours+ in order to cash in some of the MTTs. I wouldn’t fancy trying to play poker for 6 hours on my phone! 888 have just added sit n gos are in the process of adding MTTs to their Android app and they usually have more manageable fields.

A good thing about 888 and bwin is that they’re also tied to sports books and casinos and you can use your account balance to put on a sports bet on your Android if you’re out and about watching a game and want to make it more interesting. If you want a wide selection of poker games, then PokerStars is the place for you, particularly since they added Zoom Poker to their mobile app. If you want to gamble on other stuff then go with 888 or bwin.

Best Selection of Games on Android:

1. PokerStars

2. 888poker

3. Red Kings Poker

4. Unibet

5. Switch Poker

6. Terminal Poker


888, PokerStars, Unibet and bwin have all nailed it when it comes to software. Only PokerStars and Switch Poker offer multi-tabling currently, and Terminal Poker offers player pool games, similar to Rush Poker. The problem with PokerStars multi-tabling is that the games are ‘cascaded’ one behind the other on your screen and there’s a reasonable chance of making a misclick.

One thing I really like about 888 and bwin is the opportunity to bet a set fraction of the pot by a single tap on your screen. With PokerStars you have to physically tap the +/- buttons to get to your desired bet size. The rankings when it comes to software are very close but I think 888 have just pipped it, chiefly because Stars have tried to fit too much in.

Best Android Poker Software:

1. 888poker

2. PokerStars

3. Red Kings Poker

4. Unibet

5. Terminal Poker

6. Switch Poker

Overall Winner: 888poker

For its combination of ridiculously soft games, good software and the ability to bet on sports or casino on the go, we’re going with 888poker as our top recommendation if you want to play poker on your Android phone or tablet. Be sure to check back though, as we update this page regularly when new apps and products come out.

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