Party Poker Android App

The wait is over, the Party Poker Android app is finally here, but we’re not really overly impressed with it, or with Party’s approach lately, so we still recommend that people download the 888poker Android app.

5 Reasons to play at 888poker instead of Party

  1. The games at Party Poker are much tougher nowadays.
  2. Traffic at 888 is on the way up, at Party it’s on the way down.
  3. Party Poker only has cash games.
  4. 888’s software runs much better and smoother.
  5. 888 has access to a better sportsbook and casino.

888 is clearly a superior option. Click to check it out:

As one of the biggest poker sites in the world, you’d expect Party Poker would be all over the smart phone revolution a long time ago. However, they’ve only just released a real money Party Poker Android app. While many of their rivals had long ago released very neat Android apps with a lot of functionality, Party had stayed relatively quiet on the subject of mobile phone poker, waiting until they have developed an industry leading product before joining the market. Recently on their mobile site (visible from tablets and phones) they’d been advertising a play money Android app, and promised the real money version soon and now it’s here.

It seems bizarre that Party hadn’t joined the market early, as they were one of the first poker rooms to offer in-browser poker, so it can’t have been that much of a stretch to adapt their browser based software which runs on JAVA to be played on a mobile phone.

We went digging into the financial plans of bwinparty, the huge gaming company that owns Party Poker, to find out more,  and we found out that they had always had some plans for expanding their mobile offerings in 2013. This quote is taken from their Q3 2012 financial report:

We believe that the integration of our dotcom poker networks later this quarter will be the first major catalyst to return our poker business to growth.  This will soon be followed by the launch of PartyPoker on mobile and then a complete repositioning and relaunch of PartyPoker in the first half of 2013.  

They had said similar before though, and not come through with the goods. In truth, Party aren’t in great shape and their player numbers are suffering, down 30% year-on-year. This is what they had to say in the Spring of 2012:

The first social gaming product to launch will be a poker-based product followed by a casino and sportsbook application by the end of 2012. In Mobile, we will launch a new PartyPoker mobile app and plan to launch HTML5 mobile versions of our key gaming sites. As mentioned above, as we complete elements of our integration plans in 2012, we will be able to redeploy even more resources into extending our business into these exciting new business areas.

With tough games,, holdem only, and no sit n go’s or tournaments, Party Poker have really missed out on a great opportunity with their Android app and now that we’ve had a chance to evaluate it, we’re recommending that you avoid it and that Android poker fans also play at 888 poker. Click the button below to get 888poker for your Android now.

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